Alluring Rustic Decorating Ideas

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Dining Rustic Decorating

Rustic decorating ideas are based on spacious, warm and welcoming environments that use elements of nature to achieve pleasant and comfortable feelings. It is ideal for garden decoration, but not restrictive, since you also can have a house or rustic apartment just by following some tips.

Predominance of the timber is essential. It is best to have floors and beams of this material, but if not you do not worry. The sturdy furniture gives the rooms a rustic air. The rustic carpets are fine under some furniture, so that you can create a welcoming atmosphere by placing a rug under the coffee table or a dresser. If you have a fireplace is an opportunity not to have to waste because it goes right to rustic decorating ideas. Colorable some logs, rounded stones or dried pineapples.

The colors should dominate the rooms are warm rustic decorating ideas, like beige, orange, brown, toasted, yellow, red and pastels. Lighting also has to be in warm colors like yellow, and white light is cold. The fixtures can be of metal and should be placed low, not so near the ceiling. You must illuminate strategic points.

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