Amish Wood Furniture Characteristics

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Folding Table Amish Wood Furniture

Amish wood furniture – Amish wood furniture is known for its simple beauty and solid craftsmanship. All Amish furniture is individually made, usually by using relatively simple tools. Since the Amish faith prohibits the use of most modern technology. Quotas often for furniture makers to use hydraulic or pneumatic tools are powered by diesel generators. These are used to cut pieces and rub out figures. Even in these cases, all finishing work and details by hand.

Some Amish craftsmen still use only hand tools throughout the process. Amish wood furniture is made of solid wood, not particle board or laminate. Is characterized by simple design. Also clean lines and great attention to detail. Each piece of wood is carefully tuned to fit the grain and color of the other pieces. There are different styles among Amish wood furniture. Mission style is quite common. This style was developed by the arts and crafts movement of 1880-1910. And is characterized by little or no adornment, straight lines and exposed joinery.

The Shaker style from Amish wood furniture is also common and is very simple, yet elegant and highly functional. The Queen Anne style is more ornate with turned and carved accents and ornaments feet. Other available formats include Beachfront, southwestern, rustic and Cottage. Differences in style can also be traced from maker to maker. Details will vary depending on the family to make the furniture.

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