Cheap Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

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Diy Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

To maintain its visible and organized treasures, creating your own mirrored jewelry cabinet allows you to show your style while being practical. Building your own jewelry cabinet with mirror is cheaper than buying a pre-made cabinet and the pleasure of 100% personalization is obtained. You can design a cabinet that will fit your budget and your jewelry collection. Decide how much you want to enroll their construction skills by choosing one of the few options on how to carry out this project.

You can create a mirrored jewelry cabinet resource hobby shops. Buy a shadowbox with a cover attached. Some have hinged covers if they are made of wood or slide in the covers with a transparent glass. Depending on the size and shape of the elements of the jewelry collection, you may want several shadowboxes to make a “mirrored jewelry cabinet series.” First, think about the anchoring of the box — if it is separated from the wall on a shelf or mounted on a wall. Buy brackets to hang on the wall that will support the weight of the contents box – Add five to ten pounds for this.

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