Hang Curtains Or Valances For Living Room

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Custom Valances For Living Room

Choose the colors of curtains or valances that match the colors of the living room. You can choose between two colors that are complementary, such as cinnamon and brown tones this living room. For example, if you want to achieve an accent color on your cranberry orange valances for living room, you can hang a curtain of this color and the border of cinnamon tone. Decide how many panels you want to use for your curtains. If you are planning to use different colored panels, you can buy one of each to achieve a unique look, or you could choose two of each to achieve a more cohesive design.

Arrange the motifs of windows to achieve the desired look. If you are hanging on sliding glass doors, and chosen, for example, red and black, you can switch the panels putting one red, one black, one red and one black. For a more traditional window uses the same colors on the interior and exterior, as well as bind the curtains will be more balanced of valances for living room.

Transparent curtains hanging beneath a valance for living room or a regular set of curtains to achieve a color contrast. You can also place two shades of different colors next to each other. If you are using a frame with two colors, transparent hanging curtains to match one of the colors.

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