How To Make A Jewelry Drawer Organizer

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Contemporary Jewelry Drawer Organizer

Unorganized jewelry can cost you money in terms of broken or missing parts. You might not be able to fix twisted or tangled chains and end up ruining favorite bracelet or necklace. Jewelry drawer organizer containers for a solution hidden out of sight away pieces of jewelry on top of his dresser. Your jewelry will last longer, and you will be able to keep coordinating jewelry pieces together.

Paint a cardboard egg carton and let it dry completely. Place the egg carton carefully in his drawer. Leave the upper and lower attachment part. Use the egg sections for storing earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Use the upper backward to store larger pieces that will not tangle side. Tips and warning for it, use the teacups and saucers pretty, vintage, game or not, contained in thrift stores or garage sales. Keep these in a drawer, out of sight. Jewelry drawer organizer out of sight in these. Jewelry store in the “cakes” from a can to another option. Spray paint tin if desired. Buy the mini bags that zip around in various sizes at craft stores to jewelry drawer organizer to play together. You can use foam egg cartons but the paint will not hold as well.

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