Install A Wall Outdoor Planter

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Unique Outdoor Planter

Outdoor planter – The outer wall planters improve the appearance of the exterior of your home and add color and aroma of a particular place. These boxes can be mounted beneath a window frame in the border wall to hide or masonry with flowers or foliage. You can even mount against your patio or deck wall to improve the curb appeal. Buy a square, rectangular or any outdoor planter shaped angle and use it to decorate your blank wall.

Measure the outdoor planter, then measure and mark an appropriate place for it on the outside wall. If you are installing a container under a window, measure and mark the center of the window. Step inside the room and drag the selected locator electronic or magnetic studs on the surface of the wall below the window. Mark the positions of the posts – usually on each side and below the center of the window – with a pen or marker color.

Lift the container against the outside window sill. Align the outdoor planter so that its center is located directly on the center mark on the windowsill.  Check the size of the fixing bolts and insert a bit of the same size drill. Firmly hold the drill and drill holes over the markings on the back. Keeps the pot on the windowsill again, positioning it so that its center is directly over the center of the window?  Keep the container firmly in place and insert the bit into one of the holes at penetrating pin mark on the wall, and all the way through the stud.

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